How it works

Step 1

book your shelf

  • visit our website and click the "book a shelf" button
  • pay only $35 for the week
  • choose the dates that work for you (thursday - thursday)
  • make sure to fill out all paperwork and decide if you want to have any "discount days"
  • keep in mind while booking: set up is thursday from 7-9 pm OR friday 9-11 am, and take down is the following thursday from 6-7 pm
Book a shelf

Step 2

price your items

  • tag each item with the price you choose
  • we highly recommend you come check out a tagging gun beforehand and tag your items at home before shelf set up day, but if that doesn't work you can always tag them the night of (we provide all items for tagging: tagging guns, tags, zip ties, etc)

Step 3

bring your clothing to the store

  • On the thursday night that you selected between 7-9 pm, bring your tagged clothing items to the store for set up (or bring your untagged items and get tagging!)
  • our kind, friendly & helpful staff will assist you in setting up your shelf.

Step 4

pick up unsold items

  • at the end of your one-week consignment period (the following thursday from 6-7 pm), return to the store and pick up any items that didn't sell
  • we will also give you the option to donate what's left to a local women's shelter.

Step 5

get paid

  • you will receive 70% of your total sales sent to you through venmo or zelle
  • payouts will be sent the following tuesday
  • smile because you now have more money than you did before!
Book a shelf